BAND, INJ, MIR和1INCH交易将于8月10日开始

    Kraken支持四种新资产:波段协议(Band),单射协议(INJ),镜像协议(MIR)和1英寸网络(1英寸) -所有四种资产的存款现在开始可用 所有资产的交易将在UTC时间8月10日15:30开始 注:美国、加拿大、澳大利亚和日本的居民不接受交易。 这是一份可以在海怪上存放的新资产的概要。 Band Protocol (Band)——Band Protocol是一个跨链数据oracle平台,为运行在区块链上的去中心化应用程序(dapps)提供真实世界的数据。为了促进信息交换,智能合约可以连接到Band的API,该API聚合了真实世界的信息,并将其转发给区块链。那些希望成为Band协议的验证者和检查交易的人可以下注Band的加密货币Band。BAND令牌持有者也可以使用他们的令牌来参与BAND的治理机制。 单射协议(INJ) -单射协议是一个分散的交易所(DEX),提供各种功能,如跨链保证金交易,衍生品和外汇期货交易。Injective以Cosmos区块链作为第二层应用程序构建,利用桥梁为交易者提供跨链能力,以便在以太坊和Polkadot等其他平台进行交易。该交易所由INJ代币运营,INJ代币是Injective的加密货币,制造商和接受者使用它在其网络上支付交易费用。 镜像协议(MIR) -镜像协议是一个去中心化金融(DeFi)协议,由智能合约提供支持,允许创建称为镜像资产(mAssets)的合成资产。masset模拟了现实世界资产(如黄金)的价格行为,让交易者无需持有或与实际资产进行交易就可以公开其价格敞口。镜像令牌(MIR)由该协议铸造,并作为对帮助保护生态系统的节点的奖励分发。 1英寸网络(1inch) - 1英寸是一个建立在以太坊上的去中心化交易所(DEX)平台,旨在为所有领先的交易所的参与者找到最佳汇率。这意味着1英寸合计了所有DEXs(如Uniswap或Sushi)的代币价格,并为交易员找到了最佳的交换路线,以交换他们的代币,同时降低了整体交易成本。它的治理代币1INCH允许持有它的人对决定该软件如何运行的网络升级进行投票。融资和交易什么时候开始? -资金:已经可用-你可以存款BAND, INJ, MIR和1INCH现在! 更新将在启动时间附近的状态页面发布 每一项新资产将可以美元和欧元进行交易,如何存款BAND, INJ, MIR和1INCH 1. 导航到“Funding”>选择资产。你可以通过勾选“显示所有资产”或通过搜索(例如“1INCH”或“INJ”)找到资产。 2. 点击资产旁边的“存款”,并按照屏幕上的指示进行存款前的确认 - 1英寸:20(约5分钟)最低交易时间 - 2 1英寸 最低费用和资金 -提现费和最低提现费:BAND, INJ, MIR和1INCH有哪些服务? 可用 ——怪亲 (还)没有可用的 -融资融券交易Kraken会列出更多资产吗? 是的!但我们的政策是,在推出前不透露任何细节——甚至不透露我们正在考虑的资产。所有Kraken的上市代币都可以在我们的网站上获得,所有未来的代币都将在Kraken的博客和社交媒体简介上公布。我们的客户业务专家无法回答任何关于我们未来可能上市的资产的问题。小心贸易 当交易开始时,建议使用限价订单,因为市场可能在一开始就缺乏流动性。非常小心市场指令和触发市场指令(如止损)的指令。谨慎投资 将资产或代币挂牌交易并不是购买、出售或参与相关网络的建议。做你自己的研究和投资自己的风险。分享:

    BAND, INJ, MIR and 1INCH trading starts August 10 – Deposit Now

    Kraken is supporting four new assets: Band Protocol (BAND), Injective Protocol (INJ), Mirror Protocol (MIR) and 1inch Network (1INCH) - Deposits for all four assets are available starting now  - Trading will begin on August 10 at approximately 15:30 UTC for all assets  Note: Trading is not available to residents of the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. Here’s a rundown of the new assets available for deposit on Kraken today. Band Protocol (BAND) – Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform that provides real-world data to decentralized applications (dapps) running on blockchains. To facilitate the exchange of information, smart contracts can connect to Band’s API which aggregates real-world information to be relayed to the blockchain. Band’s cryptocurrency, BAND, can be staked by those who wish to become validators and check transactions on the Band Protocol. BAND token holders can also use their tokens to participate in Band’s governance mechanism. Injective Protocol (INJ) – The Injective Protocol is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that offers various features such as cross-chain margin trading, derivatives and forex futures trading. Built on the Cosmos blockchain as a layer-2 application, Injective uses bridges to offer cross-chain capabilities for traders to trade across other platforms such as Ethereum and Polkadot. The exchange is operated by the INJ token, Injective’s cryptocurrency, which is used by makers and takers to pay for transaction fees on its network. Mirror Protocol (MIR) – The Mirror Protocol is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol powered by smart contracts that enables the creation of synthetic assets called Mirrored Assets (mAssets). mAssets mimic the price behavior of real-world assets (like gold) and give traders open access to their price exposure without having to own or transact with the actual assets. The Mirror token (MIR) is minted by the protocol and distributed as a reward to nodes who help secure the ecosystem. 1inch network (1INCH) – 1inch is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform built on Ethereum that aims to find the best exchange rates for its participants across all leading DEXs. This means that 1inch aggregates token prices across all DEXs, such as Uniswap or Sushi, and finds the best swapping routes available for traders to exchange their tokens while mitigating overall transaction costs. Its governance token, 1INCH, allows those who stake it to vote on network upgrades that dictate how the software is run. What time will funding and trading start? - Funding: Already available – you can deposit BAND, INJ, MIR and 1INCH now! - Trading: Starts August 10 at approximately 15:30 UTC (Kraken will enable order entry and execution at this time) - Updates will be posted on the status page near launch timeTrading pairs for  Each new asset will be available for trading in USD and EURHow to deposit BAND, INJ, MIR and 1INCH 1. Navigate to “Funding” > Select the asset. You can find the asset either by ticking “Show all assets” or by searching (e.g for “1INCH” or “INJ”) 2. Click “Deposit” next to the asset and follow the on-screen instructionsConfirmations required before deposits credit - BAND: 20 (about 5 minutes) - INJ: 20 (about 5 minutes) - MIR: 20 (about 5 minutes) - 1INCH: 20 (about 5 minutes)Trading minimums - 1 BAND - 0.5 INJ - 1 MIR - 2 1INCH Fees and funding minimums  - Deposit fees and minimums - Withdrawal fees and minimumsWhich services will be available for BAND, INJ, MIR and 1INCH? Available - Kraken - Kraken Pro Not (yet) available - Kraken Futures - Margin TradingWill Kraken list more assets? Yes! But our policy is not to reveal any details until shortly before launch – not even which assets we are considering. All of Kraken’s listed tokens are available on our website, and all future tokens will be announced on Kraken’s blog and social media profiles. Our client engagement specialists cannot answer any questions about which assets we may be listing in the future. Trade with caution Limit orders are recommended when trading starts since the markets may be illiquid initially. Be extremely careful with market orders and orders that trigger market orders (e.g. stop loss).Invest with caution Listing an asset or token for trade is not a recommendation to buy, sell, or participate in the associated network. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.Share this: - Twitter - Facebook - Like this:Like Loading...